Still Life

“Still life is what you make it”...this useful quote from David Hockney instigated a fresh outlook on what a still life might/could become when developing work from a set-up composition, usually made up of a group of inert objects which may often include shapes of various natural produce. 
As with her other work, Heather is not concerned in producing a replica of the actual subject matter – her interest lies in the manipulation of the “seen” shapes,  the exaggerated line used to enhance a particular curve on a bottle or bowl – sometimes moving a certain object into another position to make it link with another compatible shape ..playing with the geometrics is her explanation!
It is all subject to change as the work begins to “come together”.

Colours are used in tones that will sit happily together – these also will not necessarily be true to the scene.

“Recently I have become interested in the way still-life shapes may be used to produce fresh ideas linked to land shapes...the relationship between man-made and nature may often be close”.
Heather Gibbons.