Coastal Paintings

Heather Gibbons is an artist living and working in the Purbecks.

The evocative rock and stone of Purbeck, the moods of nature through unpredictable weather changes all play a vital part in how Heather approaches her work. Her visual interpretations of the ancient quarried rock formations captivate the imagination! – the shapes and lines interacting to create a certain rhythm with harmony of colour.
She looks to find shapes which will relate to each other whilst reflecting a strong empathy with the subject matter.
Through the years mankind has “stolen” from the great ledges of stone, scars left by quarrying are laid bare, bringing a sense of the past ever into the present...aspects which provide much of the inspiration for Heather's work.

“ On all these shores there are echoes of past and future: of the flow of time, obliterating yet containing all that has gone before; of the sea's eternal rhythms – the tides, the beat of surf, the pressing rivers of the currents – shaping, changing, dominating; of the stream of life , flowing as inexorably as any ocean current, from past to unknown future.”
Rachel Carson. 1907-1964.
From “The Edge of the Sea".

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