Artist Heather Gibbons lives and works in the Isle of Purbeck. These paintings are inspired by the evocative Purbeck landscape.

The land of Purbeck is diverse – wild, romantic, sparse, mysterious, sharp-edged...a never ending scenario whose character may change within the space of a single day.
A Place with its own presence and identity, a place which whispers of the Past.
“If these are your everyday surroundings it becomes impossible not to absorb it”.
Through colour, shape, line and texture, Heather's work exudes all these elements.

Field shapes and lines are important, often being drawn and re-drawn in the paint as the work progresses.
Colours are used in co-ordination with each other, therefore will not necessarily be truly representational of what has originally been seen at any particular place or time.
For Heather, it is more important to understand what is happening with colour-tone relationships whilst working, than to visually record the scene as presented by nature.
Her background training in printmaking remains an influence - there is a certain sense of design and linking shapes which is apparent in all her paintings...they are unique, unusual...evocative of the Land of Purbeck.

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Four Seasons