Heather Gibbons is an artist living and working in the Isle of Purbeck

Heather's StudioBeginnings ....

The white canvas
The primed board
Pure unscathed surfaces waiting for that first mark to be made, line to be drawn, colour to be laid down...every new work is a step into the unknown.
A challenge to be resolved
A quest to be explored
A Journey to be completed.
Anticipation as the work evolves through colour, line, shape and texture.


Working with oils provides Heather with a certain freedom to “use” the paint in an exploratory way.
From initial drawings made on site, landscapes may often become reinvented, as particular shapes are taken from memory to become fused with “reality”.
Lines drawn in charcoal to make changes as the painting develops will become part of the completed work as visual risks are taken and the work moves forward.

"It is not the goal which is of interest, but the means with which to achieve it. " Georges Braque.